Let’s back up a step and ask an important question: When do you need a tagline for your business?

If you have a brand or business name that doesn’t immediately communicate the three w’s (who, what, why?), employing a tagline or slogan can be the extremely helpful – perhaps even necessary. When people are seeking out a solution, they want to know *right away* if you’ve got it. Will you be able to help them with the problem or opportunity at hand?

We want them to understand this within an instant, so your tagline can serve as a subtitle of sorts – letting them know they are in the right place… (or conversely, that they are not!).

My brand is an example of one that is well-served by a tagline. My name is Kaye Putnam and I am the Psychology Driven Brand Strategist. I have a personal brand, so my website and company name is simply

Without a tagline, no one really knows what I do.

I use two taglines. One is simply the title I’ve chosen for myself to help people identify who I am and what I do:

The Psychology-Driven Brand Strategist.

When my prospects see this, they immediately understand how I can help them. I use psychology to develop brands that connect businesses emotionally and subconsciously with their target audience. I focus on helping entrepreneurs reach clients and customers on a deeper level.

The second tagline is one I use in places where people already know I help build brands:

I help entrepreneurs change the world with what they know.

This one is a little less concrete, but it speaks to the results my services provide – and who they are for.

So, if your brand’s name doesn’t clearly communicate what you do, and who you help – consider adding a tagline to your toolbox of brand assets.

But craft it carefully, friends! To work well, it needs to be concise and extremely clear. (Winston Churchill is usually credited with writing, “If I had had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” We must apply that philosophy of brevity to a tagline!)

To help you develop a tagline that is right for your brand, let’s explore the three main types that I recommend to my clients.

(Note: There isn’t a “right” one here – so I suggest you brainstorm taglines within each of these categories to find the best option that fits your brand! Take your time and really work through the different possibilities!)


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