Video is the future.

All of our recent web redesign projects have included big, bold brand statements made via video — and not the tired corporate video that has been the staple of communications departments or shareholder relations programs. These days, powerful video expressions are taking the place of static marketing images as a way to project the overarching value proposition and all attributes of the company.

In 2015, our team presented new concepts to Gerstein Fisher for a flagship website and system of integrated tools. Gerstein Fisher is a New York-based investment management and advisory firm that built its brand position around a research focused, scientific-level of investing. Its icon, a humming bird, is meant to convey a business culture that is agile, adaptable to change, and independent.


From the start, our designers loved the hummingbird concept and creative possibilities that it represented. We knew it had a great business foundation and rationale, and was a savvy way to market investment services.


Business marketing — specifically financial services marketing — can often be relegated in tediously safe, risk-adverse solutions. Why not think out of the box? Knowing that we needed to set the firm apart and ahead of its many competitors, we proposed a video homepage — using a loop of video of the hummingbird fluttering among flowers, with frames of performance data and short differentiating “branded messages” emerging over the course of 30-45 seconds.


Video is more immediate, compelling and engaging for the customer, and brings a brand to life far better than a simple photograph. Also, digital platforms easily enable video as the web continues to emerge as the preferred environment for critical messaging and advertising. Static imagery may one day be perceived in much the same way that black and white newspapers were, after The New York Times adopted color printing.

Animation and video are empowering imaginative ways to present the message. . . and will soon be the new standard for brand-storytelling.

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