I continue to share case studies for clients and prospects that have asked for our preliminary thinking. I’m actually a big fan of these 30-day initiatives, since they allow our team an opportunity to present our best ideas and since they afford the client a simple, easy level of engagement — and a presentation of “what if” creativity and strategic design. The costs are minimal because we are able to manage our investment of time, so it’s a win-win, all around.

The example shown here is for Beazley, a company working in the business insurance industry. Founded in 1986, Beazley is a market leader in many of its chosen commercial lines of business insurance, including professional indemnity, property, marine, reinsurance, accident and life, and political risks and contingency business.


We knew that it was important to present Beazley’s products and services in an engaging and jargon-free manner, and in a way that would be compelling to existing clients as well as new prospects. Risk management and commercial insurance solutions can quickly become challenging as content marketing goes, so we wanted to make the website palatable and approachable. The goal was to meet the needs of the company’s principal target audience – insurance brokers – as effectively as possible, communicate key benefits of the firm, and differentiate Beazley over, and above, its competitors.


With the benefit of a discovery and briefing shared by the client, we understood that the customized design of insurance products for its clients was a primary attribute of the firm, and something we should promote as we considered creative solutions for the homepage. After an internal kickoff, our team brainstormed to generate fresh ideas for metaphors that could represent “beautifully designed insurance.” We met to share proposed themes and realized that these ideas could be organized into three basic categories:

Design by nature Human-made design (scientific devices, mechanical instruments, etc.) Visual abstractions (fractals, geometric objects and shapes, etc.)


Rationales were written to provide the foundation and a clear reasoning behind our select creative directions, and a presentation of preliminary thinking was created and delivered, including video links, mood boards, image selections, and designs. The scientific images were ideal, in my opinion, since they also hinted at the highly analytical work and suggested the intellectual market position of the client. Showing video of a man-made object, like a gyroscope spinning, seemed a fitting way to represent business insurance and risk mitigation, as well as to suggest the beautifully crafted insurance solutions that Beazley provides.


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